Photoshoot Outfit Ideas: What to Wear

Today, early in the morning, I opened the wardrobe and got buried under a pile of my “nothing to wear”. Considering the fact that the “I-have-nothing-to-wear” problem while the shelves of the wardrobes are bending under the strain concerns 98% of female population of the world, I decided to dedicate a special series of articles that explores the theme of photoshoot outfit ideas.
Photoshoot outfit ideas

If you have a scheduled photo session in your wedding outfit, it’s more or less clear. But if the question is how to get dressed for a love-story photo session or for a family photo shoot, the task becomes more complicated. But, please, don’t get worried, it’s not that frightful. Just follow my recommendations below and everything will be alright. Well then…

What we will discuss here?

  1. Common recommendations for all photo-shoots.
  2. What to wear for a couple photo-shoot?
  3. What to wear for a family photo-shoot?
  4. Get inspired and make your own looks.

Engagement/Couple Photoshoot Outfit Ideas.

Cloth for couple photoshoot

1. The clothes for a photo session should be selected according to seasonality.

The key words are “according to seasonality” and they should not be confused with “according to the season”. Although I have nothing against an outfit suitable for the season and, quite the opposite, I’m all for it. You should feel warm and comfortable.

Since you have decided to show off in a print dress in the middle of November, such a photo session shall not last long.

The seasonality means if one of the participants wears a chiffon apron dress, the style of the partner should match, and under no circumstances he can wear long trousers and a woolen sweater.
Outfit for engagement photoshoot

2. Clothes should correspond as well with its purpose: sportswear, evening wear, formal style, etc.

You both should dress in the same style.

A girl wearing a cocktail dress and high heels, and a man in a bright flower-dotted short, faded jeans and sneakers would be an awkward couple.

3. Clothes for a photo session should be selected according to the texture.

If he wears a pullover, she comes in a knitted dress. Thus you may combine different textures in one outfit as you like, the only thing that matters is that they should be combined with taste.
There are plenty of resources in the Internet on this topic, so I don’t need to go into details.

4. The clothes should be of the same age.

This applies especially to photo shoots with historical stylization.

5. While choosing an outfit for a photo session, please consider the place of the shoot.

If it’s a park and a picnic, an evening dress and heels are no match for it.

Cloth for a photo-shoot in park

6. A lady should act like a lady.

Even if in your everyday life you resolutely avoid wearing skirts, for a photo session a dress would be the ideal choice.
None of the most elegant trousers would be able to emphasize your femininity as the most ordinary dress can do. Light, flowy materials waving in the breeze and swirling when you move are the best choice for photo shooting during warm seasons.
But, of course, if you are not comfortable with it, stick with your lovely jeans. But! You should look amazingly in those.

7. NO prints.

Please avoid large patterns, logotypes, inscriptions, and everything that may attract attention. Monochrome clothes look most favorable.

8. Clothes should be harmonic in rhythm.

If he has a check shirt, she may wear check stockings.
Photoshoot Outfit Ideas What to Wear

9. Make your style inimitable!

It would be good to think how you can diversify your image—with scarves, braces, ties, neck-pieces, brooches, hats, funny footwear— you have the widest choice.

10. Bright outfits are preferable for photo sessions in the street.

In grey, brown and black you would simply blend into surroundings. But it is not as well necessary to be as colorful as a rainbow. The colors are going to be discussed here below.

11. The footwear matters.

Suitable footwear may harmonically complete your image, except that you should feel comfortable in it. The socks also matter, as they surely would be seen in every sitting pose. It would be advisable not to wear white socks and trainers!
And it should be noted that stoneblock pavement in Prague is nice, unless you are walking on high heels. So please also bring something comfortable to change.

Accessories for photo shoot outfit

12. Accessories.

It considers various little things that can emphasize and complement your image. A vintage camera, a basket full of apples, flowers—you can give full scope to your imagination. Please have a look at this page for inspiration.

13. Please try to avoid the clothes of the same color.

It’s boring and trite. Your outfits may have common elements, but you shouldn’t look like identical twins.

14. Choosing colors for a photo session.

  • Choose noble colors. Please, don’t use acid palette (if only it doesn’t correspond to the theme of the photo shoot).
  • The stylists recommend to use 3 colors maximum. White, black and grey are considered as achromatic and don’t fall under this rule, so they can be widely combined with chromatic colors.
  • Creating of any image starts with selection of the main color that would cover the most area, and then it is complemented with other colors.
  • A helpful tool in selection of colors is the color wheel. A harmonic combination can be formed of:
    Photoshoot Outfit Ideas What to Wear

    • three colors that make an equilateral triangle: blue, orange and violet-red; yellow, violet, red,
    • colors situated next to each other in the color wheel: azure and blue, yellow and orange,
    • two opposite colors: orange and blue, green and magenta.
  • It is not recommended to pick the colors situated close to each other but not adjacent. For example, avoid matching blue and green.
  • Pastel shades of any colors match perfectly.
  • Ideally, the lower part of the outfit should be darker than the upper one; it makes your image light and airy.
  • Here you can find an absolutely indispensable website for color matching. Enjoy playing with it.

Couple photo shoot cloth

15. Layers, layers, layers!

Many layers always look better than just simple pants and blouse. Cardigans, jackets, scarves, shirts, vests – the choice is unlimited. Play with textures and shapes. You can create many different looks from basic stuff. And even during the photo session it takes only 3 seconds to make changes by removing or adding some element.

16. You can even rent clothes for a photo session.

Not every girl disposes long dresses of bright colors in her wardrobe that look so gorgeous on the photographs. In this case temporary use would be a brilliant idea.
Advises on how to wear for photoshoot

17. The main condition.

You should love how you look in these things and you feel comfortable in them.
Because these feelings are the key to your good spirits and cheerful smiles.

17. Discuss with your photographer.

If you have any doubts about the stock of clothes you dispose for a photo session, certainly discuss different options of your outfit with your photographer. The best solution would be to pick several sets of clothes, take pictures of them and send them by e-mail for coordination.

To illustrate the above mentioned, I do recommend you to review a selection photoshoot outfit ideas that I regularly update.


Family Photoshoot Outfit Ideas.

The rules are basically the same. And here are some examples:

And one more awesome resource is…

The extremely helpful source for inspiration and selection of different looks is analogue of famous Polyvore.
You can combine and create your own looks. The site allows you to create collages not only from clothes, but also including footwear, accessories, cosmetics, etc.
You can even upload your photos there or save them from other web-sites.

It’s an awesome place, definitely. And there are also direct links to the shops where you can buy all those things.

What to wear for photoshoot

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