Wedding Photographer in Prague: Portfolio

Wedding cake will be eaten on the same day and the wedding dress will be collecting dust in the attic for years.

The only tangible memory that will stay with you and that you will share with all of your loved ones are your wedding photos.

I put my soul into the photos that I create for you…

They can be cheerful, playful, bright, alive, and can be calm, tender and sensual.

In any case, they will be unique. Because you are unique.

Scroll further and you will find 10 funny tips on how to spoil your wedding

How to choose a wedding photographer in Prague?

  • When choosing a wedding photographer in Prague pay attention not only at the price and photos.
  • As many of my newlyweds say: “Wedding in Prague – it is a fairy tale come true”. That is why it is so important to entrust capturing this fairy tale to a someone who is close to you in spirit.
  • It is not enough to look through the beautiful photos and systematically check the numbers of the price list and the planned budget. Try to know the photographer better. Read his/her blog, look at his/her social pages, do not be lazy to find reviews.
  • Remember: you must feel comfortable with this person. The more friendly relations you have with the photographer, the more sincere and genuine photos you will get.

So what are wedding photos about?


Wedding is not a photo shoot! It is one of the best days of your life. Spend it the way YOU want.

Live, breathe, feel! Laugh, cry, love, kiss, hug. The most beloved and significant photos are those that show your real and sincere emotions. Wedding is a wonderful feast, do not let the formalities  to destroy the magic.

Wedding photos – they are about you and for you. They are about your family, friends and loved ones. About how joyfully the bridesmaids jumped for a bouquet. About tears in your mom’s eyes. About the chemistry between you two, about your common happiness. About the beginning of a new life-long adventure.

“And what if a friend of mine will shoot our wedding?”

Свадебный гость с фотоаппаратом

A professional wedding photographer in Prague is different from other people because she/he makes images, which cannot be taken by your guests. The point is not so much in a picture quality (we all know that digital technology has advanced far forward), but in picture’s meaning. The right light can emphasize the elegance and grace of the bride. Unusual perspective will give a fresh look at familiar things. Skillfully captured moments will make your eyes filled with tears of happiness again.

You know,

each couple is unique and I try to show this uniqueness in my photographs, not forgetting the solemnity and the singleness of each moment of your magical day. I want to see each of your wedding photos to be filled with sincerity and tenderness. I want each image to exude warmth and happiness, so when you look at these pictures your faces will lit up with smiles.

It is important that we agree on what should be in your wedding photos. I absolutely do not want you to smile stiffly at the camera or to stand in awkward positions. I also do not want your photographs to differ from one another only by their background.

What I focus on?

Whether there are only two of you or there are you and your guests, leave it to your wedding photographer in Prague to do her favorite work, and enjoy yourselves this day, its every unique minute!

Despite the beautiful scenery old Prague, in my works I focus on what’s important on this particular day – on the two of you and your feelings. This does not say that all day long I’m going to shoot your smiles, ignoring the shabby wall behind you, but it also does not mean that we will rash around the city in an attempt to “tick the box” for all locations of the standard guidebooks “Prague in one day.” In your Prague wedding photographs will be you in Prague, not Prague and you.

The Wedding Photography Process

Usually, when people are asked to relax in front of the camera and be themselves, everything happens exactly the opposite way. From now on, he/she is one huge tight muscle, and so much effort is needed to release it.

My approach is not to execute learned poses, but to propose actions. And I catch your emotions while you are doing these actions. Therefore, people in my photos are lively and relaxed. The less you care about how you look, the better your shots will be.

Everything is real! If you laugh, than loudly and heartily.

If you kiss, than passionately and yummy.

You will have bone-crunching hugs.

And you will smile from the heart, wide and joyfully.

And all this will remain with you in the photos.

And even if you have planned a long photo session – do not treat it as something obligatory that you need to go through and suffer. Wedding photo session is not running around all sights of Prague, but is a pleasant walk through beautiful places in a great company.

And also,

if there are guests at the wedding, then I will definitely do many photos with them. And those classic ones, with everybody looking at the camera. For sure.

Your family group photos are ones of the most important at the wedding. Simple, classic, beautiful, with the nice light and good poses. These are the pictures that are usually framed and put on the wall. And you will definitely have them.

And the promised bonus.

Please read with the most sarcastic intonation :)

Top 10 tips from the wedding photographer in Prague on how to spoil your own wedding

  • Heels . Higher and thinner. Spare flat shoes and comfortable sneakers are for wimps. And it's not a big deal at all, that it was broken on the pavement. Why not to walk barefoot in the city?
  • Dress is needed only for standing in front of the mirror, it is not necessary to walk at all! The longer the train, the better. The speed of becoming dirty is directly proportional to the length. After all, what a pleasure it is to carry five kilos of dirty cloth in your hands!
  • Hire the cheapest photographer and videographer that you could find. It's not a big deal to click the button, right? It is a pity, of course, that when you were putting on the rings, his battery was over. But an hour later he brought another one.
  • And don't forget to hire a cheap wedding planner, even a beginner who doesn't have any experience at all. Anyway it's not clear what he is needed for. He only takes the money. Well, let them marry us in some barn in the suburbs of Prague instead of the promised castle. What a problem! The main thing is that we finally got married, right?
  • The main star of the wedding is a toastmaster ! Be sure to have a lady and be sure she is old enough, so that she is very experienced. Forget about than young guy with his jokes, he looks unreliable in those jeans. And again he wants more money for that DJ guy. The aunt has speakers, we will connect an iPhone with music and it's in the bag!
  • Logistics is our everything! Getting ready part is in Prague, a ceremony is at the castle 100km away from the city, a photo session again in Prague, and a banquet is in a nice restaurant just 50km outside the city. And yes, after we will return back to Prague, of course.
  • It's not clear at all why a hairdresser and a make-up artist cost so much! There's a girl from FB for a third of their price. It is inconvenient, of course, that she was late for an hour and I'm allergic to her cosmetics. But the red spots on my face now go well with the bouquet color.
  • Hotel also needs to be the best. And it's not a problem at all that the room size is 8m2. But it's in the old town center and with the view to the main bridge (though not from our room). And the ceilings are old and wooden, and the windows are so cute and very small. But there are two of them! I still don't realize why the getting ready photos are so grim.
  • And, for sure, the ceremony time can't be afternoon. The best is at 11am or even at 12pm! Such a beautiful bright midday light, everything is clear and sharp. The photo session supposed to be wonderful, I still don't realize why we are squinting all the time and why there are so many tourists at the photos.
  • It is better to save on food, and be hungry until the evening. That's where we will eat off! There is no need to waste money on buffet tables, we'll wait for the banquet. I still don't realize why we were so tired and even didn't feel any food taste.