Photoshoot in Prague

  • Are you tired of mobile selfies? Would you like to be together on your vacation photos?
  • Does your grandma complain that there are no full family photos that she can hang on the wall?
  • You came on vacation, and instead of the beautiful views of Prague you have a crowd of strangers in your photos?
  • Would you like to make an unusual gift for your special someone?
  • An important event? Is it a marriage proposal, birthday or anniversary? Do you want to keep memories of this day in the form of beautiful photos?
  • You are planning a wedding, but shy of the camera?
  • Are you traveling on your own and would you like to capture yourself with Prague's magnificent views?
I love your photos. Now tell me, how everything goes?

In short, the process from what-if-we-do-a-photoshoot to wow-so-nice-photos looks like this:

In 95% cases it’s your first time in front of a professional photographer’s camera. And you are nervous. And you ask yourself how to pose and what to do in general.

Do not worry! I will help, I will tell, I will show. But! The main point is that at my photo shoots people DO NOT POSE. They just LIVE.

I ask you for an action, and I shoot you while you are doing that action. Therefore, be prepared to walk a lot, run, lie on the lawns, sit on the ground and conquer the tops of red roofs.

It is very important for us to make friends right away. The more open and relaxed you are with your photographer, the better the result will be.

Difficult and boring posing? Forget it. It’s not our case.

Simple actions, jokes and easy tasks will help you to feel comfortable and will help me to “pull out” your genuine emotions.

Photoshoot in Prague: route

In short, I never plan the route in detail and in advance. It can happen, that we will be walking along the street and will see a stunning light in a nearby alley, so we will turn there. And then, having played enough with a ray of light, turn around and will go in the opposite direction.

In any case, I always choose the route for a photo session according to the following criteria:

– so that these are beautiful places,
– so that it is clear that you are in Prague,
– so that there is the best light,
– and to avoid crowds of people.

Of course, I take into account your wishes (you  should tell it on the eve of the photo shoot). Especially if you really want to take a picture on the background of a particular place.

You can be guided by this article when choosing the major important locations for your photoshoot in Prague.

What is the best time for the shooting?

If your night dream is a photo with the Charles Bridge or the Astronomical Clock, you can already wake up :) You need to arrive there no later than at 7 am. Otherwise, crowds of tourists in the background are guaranteed.

If the mandatory “ticks” at the main sights are not included in your list of priorities, then it’s better to do the photo session at sunset time. The faces are not sleepy than, and the golden light is soft and beautiful. Much better than it’s in the morning.

And also,

I am for well-planned logistics. This means that the photo shoot takes place in one big area. And we are not trying to run through the whole city in 3 hours. And we do not set goals to take pictures of all major sights.

It’s always a good idea to arrange a coffee break, so you can have a rest, and I can make some reportage shots.

How to dress for the photoshoot in Prague?

There is a very good article on that topic, please have a look. And follow the recommendations.

If you are too lazy to read and know at least something in style, have a look at the pictures.

The key to a successful photo shoot is well-thought-out preparation. Ideally, do the following:

  • choose 2-3 combinations,
  • try it,
  • take a picture of everyone together,
  • send pictures to the photographer.

Please send 2-4 photos of ready looks. I don’t need to see everything that you have in the wardrobe.

We still have got more questions…

I’m pretty sure, that they are already answered here and here.

And you can always ask me directly.