Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to edit the photographs?

4—10 weeks from the day of the photo shoot. Within the first week after the photo shoot, you will surely receive the first 15-20 edited photos.

How do you edit the photographs?

The term of editing comprises cropping, light- and color adjustment and stylization of all the photographs to make them look smooth, as well as a basic retouching of portraits.

How many photographs do you edit?

All the photos you get will be edited.

How many photographs shall we get?

It depends on your activity and on how action-packed your photo shoot will be. I guarantee 50 photos minimum per each shooting hour, all the rest depends on you. During the first week after the photoshoot you will get a selection of specified number of photographs. So in a couple of days you will already have some pictures to show to friends and family.

How can we get our photographs?

You will receive the ready photographs in three copies: full size for printing, reduced size with sharpening for displaying on screen and reduced size with sharpening for internet. All the three folders will be packed in *.zip archive. You will receive a link to download the archive with your photos. There is no quality loss. The photographs shall be sent in *.jpg format, 300 dpi resolution.

What is a photo album?

It is an original hard-cover photo album. The main difference from a “usual” photo album is that photos or collages wouldn’t be inserted into special “pockets”, but are printed on sheets of the photobook, are based on general design and as a rule are arranged chronologically to tell your story.

Do you make photo albums?

Yes, sure. Moreover, I believe that a photobook is the best form to keep your memories. To receive more detailed information and some examples of photobooks, please, click here.

How long does it take to make a photo album?

It takes 15 weeks to make a photo album from the moment of approval of the layout.

Is it possible to order a photo book later?

Sure. Many couples order a photo album for anniversary of their wedding. But if you consider such an option right now, you should tell me this on the day of shoot, because “shooting for a book” has its own special aspects.

Do you make up a plan of the route of photo session in advance?

As a rule, I don’t. The selection of route depends on many factors: the season, the time of the day, on how long the shooting lasts, on your clothes, your temperament, actual situation in the city (repair works, demonstrations, etc.). Of course, if you would like to hold a photo session in certain places, I’ll for sure consider your preferences.

Can we change the proposed service packages?

If you don’t need some edited photos/photos for viewing on screen/reduced photos for internet, they can be excluded from the package. But, however, the price will remain unchanged in this case :-).
Unfortunately, you can’t reduce the wedding package that has already been ordered. But you still can extend it (take extra hours).

Will you give us the digital copies?

Yes. The RAW format files can be purchased additionally, but only after receiving of the edited photos in JPEG format. The author’s fee will be discussed individually.

How can we reserve a certain date?

A compulsory condition of date reservation for a wedding photo session is signing a contract (using scanned version in electronic format) and paying 20% of the advanced payment. The rest of the charge shall be paid on the day of shoot.

For other shoots the advanced payment is 30%. The date is reserved beforehand and is to be confirmed a few days before the expected photo session. The final choice is made depending on the availability of the client, the photographer and favorable weather conditions.

How far in advance should we reserve the date and how shall we make the advanced payment?

The earlier you reserve the date, the better. The “hottest” dates during popular months are often reserved even a year before. The cost of the photo shoot shall be paid on the day of shoot.

How is it possible to make the advanced payment?

  • Money transfer to a bank account in the Czech Republic.
  • PayPal money transfer.

What differs wedding photography from other kinds?

Wedding photography is inflexibly associated with the wedding date, so date reservation with signing of a contract is a compulsory condition. Besides, wedding photography is more technically sophisticated, as it requires additional equipment, lighting and an assistant.

We cannot wait. Can we receive our photos earlier?

Of course, I’m ready to meet your needs, to stay up nights and to move other couples, who are waiting patiently for their turn, but only on special conditions. Rush order (up to 7 calendar days) will make up +35% to the cost.

For how much time would you recommend for a wedding photo session?

The minimum time needed to photograph one of the most wonderful days of your life is four hours. As a rule, it includes photographing of preparations, when you can capture the most delicate and moving portraits of the bride, and then shooting of the engagement and a short walk around the city. People, who don’t have any experience of professional modelling in front of the camera, need some time to get accustomed to the “all-seeing eye” following them, and only after a while they relax and start to be themselves. My basic concern is to take photographs, looking at which years from now, your children would say: “Mom, Dad! You were so happy and beautiful on THAT day”, and, as for you, you would be overwhelmed by all these emotions again, just as many years ago. And such photographs cannot be captured in a short while, because they cannot be staged—these are emotions, uprising from within, the emotions you are not afraid to show me, a person whom you trust.

And what if we have some special preferences?

Certainly let them out. Do tell me what they are.

Do you work alone or with an assistant?

I work with an assistant; she helps me with my photo equipment, but also can help you, if you would need her to hold something, to correct your hairdo, etc.

Do we need to arrange transport?

Yes. The transportation is fully and completely the client’s concern. As a rule, you don’t need a car for a photo shoot around the city, if you have comfortable shoes and minimum of things. But it would be helpful, if you need to move between some distant locations. One of the solutions often practiced at weddings: a car gets you to the place of registration and then carries you around for about an hour or two after the ceremony. After that we take a walk.
The option with a rented car is also quite good, but in this case you need a friend to drive it. It is forbidden to park in the center of Prague.

Could you advise a make-up specialist, a hairdresser, a specialist in floral decor, and an organizer?

Certainly! I am interested not less than you that the make-up wouldn’t melt, the bouquet wouldn’t wilt, the wedding master of ceremony would come in time, and that everything passed smoothly. I advise only those specialists, in whose professionalism I’m more than sure, and whom I would address myself without any doubt.

What camera do you have?

After all, to my opinion it’s the man who photographs, not the camera. But, nevertheless, sometimes such questions come from amateur photographers. I photograph with two full-frame cameras Canon 5D Mark IV, with large aperture prime lenses.

Do you only take photographs or you can also film a video?

I take photographs. But with pleasure I will advise you some operators who film professionally. Here is one of the wedding videographer in Prague, that I work with.

We need a photographer only for the ceremony and a short photo shoot with the guests after that. How much will it cost?

I’m afraid, such a shoot is of no interest for me in the creative aspect. The minimum shooting time is four hours. It has been mentioned above.

We have our wedding ceremony in a castle, how is the shooting time calculated in this case?

In this case the wedding package comes under coefficient 1.1 or 1.2 depending on the distance to the castle. And even then the hours spent on the road trip are not included in the shooting time.

Are you going to photograph the guests?

For sure! I pay special attention, first of all, to the family photographs. Also your guests will surely have group photos with the newly married couple. The rest of the creativity depends on the time we have at our disposal.

Do we need to meet with you before the photo shoot?

As a rule, there is no need to do it, if we have discussed all the questions by Skype or by mail. But if you wish to preliminary get acquainted with your photographer, I’m at your disposal :-)

When do we need to start shooting preparations of the bride?

Usually, I come when the bride is almost ready and only the finishing touches are left in her make-up and her hairdo.

We don’t know how to pose. Would you, please, advise us how we should stand?

I believe, the secret of a good photo shoot is not in taking the “proper” poses, if it is not about fashion photography, but just in relaxing and being yourself. I will plot a certain vector for your actions, but the more initiative and lively you are, the better will be your photographs.
Maybe, at least for the time of the photo shoot, you need to get back a little to your childhood when you could easily do a cartwheel in the middle of the street and you didn’t care what people would think of it. Relax; let the little child who is somewhere deep within everyone to come forward. If it is about a photo shoot of a couple, don’t be ashamed to show your feelings to your partner. Every second you should keep in mind how dear your partner is and how gently you love this person.
In every shoot there is always a part of classical performance when you really need to take a beautiful pose, and then I will also come for help.
It would also be helpful to read Advice on poses in my blog.

Do we need any special preparations for the photo shoot?

The success of every photo shoot depends fully on its preparation. As minimum, make sure that you have thought over the clothes. A professional make-up is reeeealy desirable. Think over what you can be occupied with, so that we could diversify the shooting and you won’t just walk and embrace all the time. You may have ice-cream, fly kites, splash from water pistols; you can do anything, if only you have fun and it looks natural. All sorts of plates with inscriptions, moustache and spectacles on sticks, unfortunately, are as far from naturalness as I’m far from airplane control.
Please, see a separate article on preparation to the photo shoot here.

How should we be dressed for the photo shoot?

A special article is dedicated to this question..

What should we do with the guests during our photo shoot?

Don’t take them with you. Find them an occupation—send them on excursion around the city, on a river cruise, let them have some relaxing rest, send on an ancient tramway trip, or even just let them go to the hotel and have a rest before the banquet. Believe me, they will get bored in 10 minutes during the shoot (well, how else could it be? all attention is focused on you), while in their presence you won’t relax and pay attention to each other.

What shall we do if it rains?

When it comes to wedding photography, which cannot be postponed, firstly, you need to take care of getting umbrellas in advance. Buy transparent or matching by tone umbrellas. Ideally, please, pay attention that the interiors in your hotel or apartments won’t evoke overwhelming despair and oppression because of the tiny room and the dull grey decoration of the hall. And, anyway, a light rain will even contribute to the piquancy and romance of your photographs.

We want a photo shoot not only in Prague, but also in a castle. Is it possible?

It is possible. But it is important to consider that shooting in the interiors of Czech castles are quite expensive and the road to the castles—closest to Prague—takes at least an hour one way. But on the way we can visit some cozy and cute towns and take some unique photos.

Do you provide any accessories for shooting?

Each couple is individual and inimitable; everyone has his own tastes and interests, so it would be great, if you plot out something that would specifically reflect your character.

We are coming to Prague with our friends, we are a few couples. Can we take 2 hours and be photographed in turn?

Alas. When there is no continuous contact of photographer with the people photographed, such a photo shoot won’t be good. We will get typical tourist photos with stiff smiles in front of the camera with a sight in the background and where nothing says about your personality. So I’ll photograph both you and your friends, but not all of you at the same time.

We don’t need many photos, 5-10 would be enough, and it will take 10 minutes. How much it will cost?

Are you serious? Do you really think that the photos I take and the photos you like so much could be captured within 10 minutes by a finger snap? Do you really think that 5 minutes after you have got acquainted with me and have been focused by my camera, you would relax and show sincerely your emotions as if there is no camera at all? And, yeah, of course, I will be happy to spend an hour and a half on the trip in order to photograph for 10 minutes :-)

What time of the day is the best for shooting?

The best time for a photo shoot is early in the morning and in the evening before the sunset.
Advantages and disadvantages of the morning photo shoot:

  • beautiful light (but the sun rises quite fast);
  • there is almost no one near the most recognizable Prague sights;
  • you need to get up very early.

Advantages and disadvantages of photo shoot before the sunset:

  • a softer light that remains longer;
  • faces after a good night’s sleep;
  • stores and shops of all kinds are open, the city is full of life;
  • lots of people.

A particular and interesting option is evening or night photo shoot in the light of the street-lamps. If you would like to see an example of such a photo shoot, please click here.

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