Black & White Wedding Photography

Mystery, mystique and innuendo. Play of light and shadow – these are the main keys to understanding what black and white wedding photography is.

Despite my passion for bright and rich colors, the sun and the heat, sometimes only black and white image is able to convey the mood of the moment.

Why b&w photos are so good?

In black-and-white photos the texture, the contrast and light accents come forward. You can focus your attention entirely on what is shown in the picture without being distracted by bright colors. You can use imagination and immerse into the atmosphere. You will feel the moment caught in the photographs.

Virtually in every photo-shoot there are such images when the color does not matter. When I want a viewer to concentrate on the most important, the most significant things in the picture. When I want to give him/her the opportunity to feel, to add in her/his head the missing elements to the picture. So the puzzle will become a single, holistic image.

To me black-and-white photographs are like reading a fascinating and exciting book. When no special effects of a movie cannot be compared with luxurious pictures drawn by your own imagination.

Are black and white photos suitable for weddings?

B&W photography has become classics. And what do we expect from the wedding photography? We want it to stay with us for the whole life. It helps to return us back to that day again and again. It shows our children how happy we were at our wedding. We want them to see us kissing, loving and dancing.

So for me the answer is clear. Black and white photography do belongs to weddings. It’s true and honest, it can hide unimportant little things and show only what really matters.

There is a quote that I like. Color photography is a photograph of clothes, black and white photography is a photograph of the soul.