I capture love with love

Hello and welcome! My name is Evgeniya, or you can call me Jenny. I live in Prague, and I specialize in capturing moments of people in love.

My photos are unique, featuring diverse individuals but connected by a common theme—love. Whether it’s love for the world, oneself, or each other.

Moreover, my photos showcase the beauty that surrounds us, often unnoticed by many.

Photographer in Prague Evgeniya Ovsyannikova

  • I am fascinated with photography once and for all. Forever And Ever.
  • I fall in love with every couple I work with and live their emotions as my own.
  • I take photographs in such way so that many years later, when you take out the album, you will relive the moments that you felt on your day.
  • I don't do any “creative photography”, my photos are simple and understandable. They are for you. And about you. They will be always actual. And both – your grandmothers, and, most importantly, your children will like them.
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I’ll capture your wedding story unlike any other

Every couple is wonderfully unique, and I make it my mission to capture that distinctiveness in my photographs. Each moment of your magical day holds its own solemnity and significance, and I aim to portray that in every shot.

I want your photos to be brimming with sincerity and tenderness, radiating warmth and happiness. When you look again at these pictures, I hope your faces light up with smiles.

Let’s agree on what you envision for your photos. I don’t want forced smiles or awkward poses; I want each image to reflect the genuine essence of your connection.

In the enchanting backdrop of old Prague, my focus is on what truly matters—both of you and the emotions you share. We won’t rush around the city ticking off locations from standard guidebooks. Instead, my belief is that after years, it won’t matter to you if the Charles Bridge or Prague Castle graced your photos. What will truly matter is the way you look at each other.

Skillfully capturing these moments will evoke tears of happiness when you look back at your special day.

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