The Vrtba garden is the best wedding venue

The Vrtba Garden is one of my favorite gardens in Prague, from the upper terrace of which there is an amazing view of the city. Well, it is not surprising that this is the most popular location for a wedding ceremony in Prague. It’s number two after the Old Town Hall. Magnificent park cascades, views of the tiled roofs and the central location make this garden unique. The garden is happy to open its doors to cozy weddings for two. But with the same charm, it hosts big celebrations with hundreds of guests.

Some facts about the Vrtba garden.

Vrtba Garden was named after its creator and founder Jan Josef Vrtby who owned the palace and the vineyards, previously situated in this area. The territory of the vineyards was specific, wedge-shaped, and, furthermore, it was situated on a slope of a mountain, so it was not a walk in the park for architects to lay out a garden. But it was well worth it. A marvelous garden in Italian style was set up in three terraces, connected to each other by magnificent staircases, and picturesque views to Prague opened from each of them. The higher you climb, puffing and panting, the better the cityscape opens up, recompensing you for these exertions.

By the way, Vrtba Garden is included in UNESCO World Heritage list, and it’s commonly known that they would’t add whatever in this list :-) Currently the garden is a municipal property, and if you want to hold a wedding there, you just need to address a Civil Registry Office in the Prague 1 Municipal District with a corresponding application.

Vrtba garden

Opening hours and costs.

Officially, the garden is open from April 1 to October 31. Sometimes, it is opened and closed 3-5 days earlier or later. Opening hours from 10 to 18, in the summer months to 19 hours. An adult ticket costs 100 CZK (4 euros).

How to get there?

The address is Karmelitská 25, entrance from a street with tram tracks. Look for a small spot that sells traditional Czech trdelniks (yeast sweet bun). On it’s left you will find an inconspicuous arch, just go through to the courtyard.

Wedding in Vrtba garden.

Vrtba garden views

The wedding day of the couple started early in the morning in the Alchymist hotel, which is just 5 min away from the garden. I love to shoot morning preparations

  • because of perfect light from windows,
  • and the bride’s romantic mood,
  • because of a playful and nervous groom,
  • and when moms drop tears while they lead their dear children down the aisle.
  • Finally, the main reason is that by the time when the actual photoshoot starts, the newweddies have already become accustomed to the photographer. And they don’t shiver from every snap of the camera. Apart from this, it’s the best time when I can make the gentlest portraits of the bride.

Thus, the scenario of this wedding day was perfectly planned. The newweddies have unhurriedly got ready and went to the ceremony, enjoying lovely weather and each other’s company. I love to photograph such heartwarming weddings, when the newweddies invite only the closest people. It’s a guarantee that you will get a good laugh, tears of joy, and hugs to jelly.

How much does the wedding in Vrtba garden cost?

The ceremonies are held under the arches of Sala Terrena, which ensures that even in rainy weather you have nothing to worry about. In good weather, if desired, the ceremony can be held on the first terrace or by the fountain. The lowest level is closed during the ceremony, so you can enjoy the privacy without the curious glances of tourists.

Approximate rental price of the Vrtba Garden is 13,000 czk per 90min, 9,000 czk on weekdays for 45min. I’ll clarify again that the whole garden is not closed for visits, so during the photo shoot in the garden you will not be alone.

Photo shoot costs without a ceremony.

Those who wish (and there are so many of them) can arrange a professional photo shoot in the garden without having to arrange a ceremony. The cost of such shooting is ~ 50 euros (the price changes every year).

And finally,

here are the photos from a recent wedding in the garden.

Alchymist wedding Prague

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Prague pre-wedding Vrtba garden

Bridal portrait lying down

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