Pre-wedding In Prague and Hluboka castle

Pre-wedding photo session is a great idea for those who want to enjoy the wedding day with their guests, without being distracted. If you want to give the photo session a lot of time and capture as many beautiful places as possible, it’s your option. In this case, there is no question like how to occupy the guests for several hours. Or how not to die from heat and tiredness. Or even how to make hair and make-up survive until the evening and many more different “hows”.

This is exactly what this wonderful couple did, by organizing the photo-shoot separately from the wedding day. We managed to shoot in a beautiful light, not only with iconic Prague attractions, but even went to one of the best castles in Eastern Europe.

The photo session lasted 8 hours, which were divided into two parts – dawn and sunset. During the day, the couple managed not only to have a rest, but also to completely change their looks. This is an excellent option for those girls who can not decide between several dresses, right? :)

Pre-wedding in Prague in Vrtba garden.

Vrtba garden is one of the most popular locations for wedding shootings. Not only official and symbolic ceremonies are held here, but in general it’s full of couples and photographers.  Everyone needs pictures with one of the best Prague views.

It is worth noting that the photo shoot in this garden should be paid. On the one hand is a pretty decent amount. But on the other hand, if everyone paid as ordinary tourists just for entering, it would be completely impossible to take pictures here. Since even with the condition of paying for commercial photography, in the summer it is very likely that, besides you, there will be 2 or 3 another wedding couples.

Pre-wedding photoshoot in Hluboka nad Vltavou castle.

A pre-wedding in Prague is, of course, good. But what about the most beautiful Czech castle?

The road to the castle takes 2.5 hours one way and another 20 minutes on foot climbing uphill. But the fabulous views of the Disney-like castle at the background compensate for all the difficulties. I advise you to come to the castle right before closing time, when the entire territory of the castle remains open and only the courtyard closes. As a rule, all excursions by this time are already being minimized, and single tourists will not spoil your shot as much as big groups do during the day. Yes, you will not get into the yard, but honestly, the loss is not great. All the best part will still be at your disposal.

And I won’t even mention the pleasant summer sunset light, right?

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