Pre-wedding Outfit + Look : Do’s & Don’ts

I want to share my vision of how a couple should look at their pre-wedding session. To get the best possible photos, it’s important to listen to your photographer’s advice. Your photographer has a unique shooting style and knows how to capture your best angles, so trust my guidance when it comes to posing, lighting, and other factors that can affect the final outcome of your photos.

Pre-wedding photoshoot styles.

First and foremost, it’s essential to keep the hair and make-up simple and elegant. The goal is to create a timeless look that will never go out of style. Avoid trendy styles or bold makeup that might look dated in a few years.  Instead, opt for a simple, elegant hairstyle that complements your features and a natural makeup look that highlights your best features.

When it comes to hair, it’s important to keep the bride’s face open and free of any distractions. Avoid any hair that falls across the face or obscures her features. This is especially important when she’s interacting with the groom. A stray lock of hair can easily ruin an otherwise perfect photo.

It’s also essential to avoid any massive decorations in the hair, including crowns or other headpieces. While they may look beautiful in person, they can easily overwhelm the bride’s face in photos. Instead, opt for subtle hair accessories that complement the overall look.

In terms of makeup, the goal is to enhance the bride’s natural beauty, not cover it up. Keep the makeup light and natural-looking, with a focus on accentuating the eyes and lips. Avoid heavy contouring or overly bold lipstick shades that might look too harsh in photos.

In conclusion, when it comes to a pre-wedding photoshoot, simplicity is key. Keep the hair and makeup simple and elegant, and avoid any distractions or overwhelming accessories. By following these tips, couples can ensure that their pre-wedding photoshoot captures their love and connection in the most beautiful way possible.

Having hair around bride’s face doesn’t make it thinner, but makes big troubles on capturing her face when she interacts with the groom (on 95% of photos).

And some images for your amazing pre-wedding look inspiration…

Pre-wedding dress: ideas.

A pre-wedding photoshoot is a great opportunity to capture some beautiful memories with your partner before your big day. As a wedding photographer, I’ve worked with many couples over the years, and I know how important it is to get the right look and feel for your photos.

In addition to hair and make-up, the bride’s dress is also a main aspect of a pre-wedding photoshoot. When choosing a pre wedding dress, it’s important to keep in mind the overall theme and location of the shoot. For example, if the shoot is taking place in Prague, it’s best to avoid traditional clothing from a different culture that might not fit with the city’s background.

It’s also important to keep the dress simple and elegant, without too many distractions or overwhelming details. Avoid cheap materials like lurex that can look tacky in photos. Instead, opt for high-quality fabrics that drape beautifully and enhance the bride’s natural beauty.

When it comes to decorations, beads, and lace, less is more. Too many decorations can overwhelm the dress and detract from the bride’s natural beauty. Instead, choose a dress with subtle details that complement the overall look.

It’s also important to ensure that the dress fits the bride’s body shape and height(!) perfectly. A well-fitted dress can enhance the bride’s natural curves and create a beautiful silhouette. A poorly fitted dress, on the other hand, can look unflattering and ruin the overall look of the photoshoot.

Your dress should be comfortable and fit well, so you can move around freely and feel confident in front of the camera.

And some images for your amazing pre-wedding outfit inspiration…

A Pinterest board with pre-wedding dresses (and not only) that I keep updating.

Pre-wedding outfit for men.

The pre-wedding outfit for a groom is just as important as the bride’s. The groom wants to look his best and complement his partner’s outfit for a picture-perfect shoot. The groom’s outfit should be carefully selected to ensure he looks stylish, comfortable, and confident.

The first consideration when choosing the groom’s outfit for a pre-wedding photoshoot is the suit. The groom should avoid looking like an office clerk and should choose a suit that is classic and fits well. A narrow tie is a great accessory that can add a touch of elegance to the outfit.

Color is also an important component of the groom’s outfit. The groom should always keep the bride’s outfit in mind and choose a color that complements it. Lighter colors work well for spring, while black or dark navy tuxedos are seasonless and always appropriate.

If the photoshoot has a more relaxed vibe, the groom can opt for a casual, lightweight outfit. Layered combinations can add depth and dimension to the outfit, while keeping the groom comfortable.

And the same applies. Please, try to avoid traditional clothes that are coming from a different culture.

Regardless of the style or color of the outfit, it is important that the groom’s outfit fits well. Ill-fitting clothes can ruin the entire look and make the groom feel uncomfortable and self-conscious.


In conclusion, a pre-wedding photoshoot is a wonderful way to celebrate your love and capture some beautiful memories with your partner. By choosing the right outfits, hairstyles, and makeup, and listening to your photographer’s advice, you can ensure that your photos are elegant, modern, and timeless, and that you look and feel your best on your big day.

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