Spring in Prague: blossom map

Spring in Prague is outrageously beautiful. You feel dizzy from all these amazing pink cherry trees and divine aromas in the air. Snow-white apple trees and stunning chestnut avenues drive you mad. Even experienced travelers can fall in love with all this beauty, combined with the incomparable Prague’s architecture.

Spring in Prague

All tourists and locals are stunned by the magnificence around them, opening their mouths, either in surprise or in an attempt to breathe in the lovely smells deeper. They maniacally press the buttons of cameras and phones in an effort to capture their delights. The city literally comes to life and shakes itself from hibernation. All benches are tightly occupied by those who want to bask in the first gentle rays of the spring sun.

Have you ever noticed that in spring not only nature blossoms, but in general all living things? At no other time of the year we don’t meet so many smiling passers-by, children’s laughter doesn’t sound so loudly and the eyes of couples in love do not burn so brightly. And even grumpy old men condescendingly contemplate all this splendor from the height of their past years and melodiously tap canes to the accompaniment of bird singing.

Prague prewedding

A calendar of Prague’s blossoms.

  • Mid of March: almonds , cherries and some early apple trees bloom. Basically, these are light pink and white flowers. The aromas are extraordinary.
  • End of March: Magnolias are blooming. They fade, as a rule, in the first half of April. The city is already relatively warm and sunny, but a warm coat can still be very useful.

Magnolia blossoms Prague

  • Mid-April: The truly royal sakura blooms. In colder years, this happens later, by the end of the month. Unfortunately, it's is very vulnerable and quickly looses all it's beauty (to be honest, it's is shaken by hundreds of photographers and thousands of tourists even faster). Therefore, for beautiful photos (see below) you have a week maximum.
  • Beginning of May: time for the fragrance of lilac . Peonies and rhododendrons bloom in the gardens. With some efforts, you can even find wisteria.
  • Early June: jasmine bushes and roses bloom. You can meet roses much earlier and later, so do not be surprised. But in June they will be EVERYWHERE.

Spring in Prague

Sakura in Prague and 1st of May.

For me personally, Prague becomes especially beautiful in spring when this pink splendor blossoms. Branches of magnificent trees bend under the weight of huge bunches. A little later in the article I will give tips where exactly you need to go for the blooming sakura.

Did you know that on May 1 the Czechs celebrate not only the labor day they got from the Communists, but also celebrate a more poetic and romantic event?

1st of May has been considered the day of lovers in the Czech Republic for a very long time. Saint Valentine conquered the world much later and enslaved it with billions of plush pink hearts and bears. And before that, on the 1st of May, every Czech girl should have been kissed under a blooming cherry tree so that her beauty would not fade away all year. A kiss in those days was considered a very intimate between two young people, and therefore that kiss automatically became the harbinger of the upcoming wedding.


Prague spring

Spring in Prague: map of blossoms.

Follow the links below and mark for yourself the exact coordinates in the maps. I tried to put not just the place as such, but directly the point where you will find the right tree.

Magnolias in Prague.

  • Vojanovy gardens - an oasis in the city center, very close to the Charles Bridge. There are a lot of free walking peacocks.
  • Waldstein Garden is just 5 minutes walk from the previous garden. With some effort you will get beautiful photos with magnolia and Prague Castle in the background at the same time. And there is not only pink, but also a white magnolia.
  • Strahov Monastery - a huge tree right at the entrance to the monastery area by the small red house.
  • Namesti Miru (Peaсe square) - the beauty is right at the tram stop. It is worth going there not only because of the magnolias, but also the beautiful Cathedral of St. Ludmila, and the Vinohrady Theater near the church. Well, in general, the Vinohrady district is insanely beautiful with magnificent architecture of the late 19th century.
  • Zhofin Palace - quite modest from the outside and incredibly beautiful inside, where all city official balls are held annually. Walk around the island, maybe you will find more than one tree :)
  • Petrin Hill is the best place for any blossom trees in spring in Prague. You'll find there cherry and apple trees, almonds and magnolia. A huge magnolia tree is located next to the monument of Vitezslav Novak.

Свадебная фотосессия в Чехии

Sakura in Prague.

  • An alley at the Újezd tram station . It is incredibly beautiful here, but it is very difficult to take a picture at any time after 8 a.m. due to a million of tourists.
  • Several trees at the Chotkovy sady tram stop . From here you can then go to Letna Park and explorer the magnificent views of Prague and the river.
  • An alley at the Jiřího z Poděbrad metro station . Significantly fewer people here, a good area with many hipster restaurants and cafes.
  • Wonderful sakura alley at Technická street near the Dejvická metro station. Perhaps the most photogenic place in the city. And, most importantly, you will have photos without thousands of tourists.
  • Karlínské náměstí street - here, by the way, is also one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Prague . The design of the front door alone is worth it. To my mind, the church itself is magnificent inside, empty and very impressive.
  • Here in Karlin, just with a 10-minute walk, you'll find another beautiful sakura avenue. Located on Lyčkovo náměstí street . Don't miss the elementary school located on the same square. Yes, this is not a palace, and not a castle of princes. This is just (!) an elementary school.
  • A small park next to the Nusle Town Hall. Far from the center, but perhaps you are staying in a hotel or apartment somewhere nearby. Then do not forget to have a look there.
  • Mentioned above Vojanovy sady. Sakura tree is located in the back of the park , near the stairs.
  • Troja Castle Park . This trip deserves at least a full day, and preferably two. There is so much to see in the area. This is an incredible castle with a huge park, and a zoo, and a botanical garden, and vineyards.
  • Park Vokovická třešňovka , it's located within a couple of minutes walk from the Bořislavka metro station.
  • The garden from this photo is called Zahrady pod Pražským hradem . And there were several sakura trees before reconstruction in 2019. I can’t say if they were cut down, or dug up and transferred somewhere else, but it looks like it won't be there anymore.

Spring in Prague

The best spots of Prague
If you liked my selection of places to capture spring in Prague, I suggest you check out the overall article about the best places to visit in Prague.

Wedding in Prague in spring.

It is not surprising that the wedding boom traditionally flares up at the end of April. And what could be more beautiful than two young, beautiful people in love with the background of this floral splendor? Gentle and delicate brides in their weightless air dresses so harmoniously flow into the city breathing in spring.

Of course, I shoot not only weddings , but also families and couples in love. And I’m happy to provide a beautiful photo session for you in spring Prague. This time I wanted to share the wedding photos from one of the recent spring photo-shoots.

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      Hi Evgeniya,

      My name is Queenie, writing from Hong Kong. I am thinking of taking pre-wedding picture in Prague in this June( or which month do you think has the best weather/scenery for pre-wedding picture?) . Do you live in Prague? We have never been to Prague and it would be grateful to have a photographer who knows the place well.

      We are on a tight budget and would like to ask what the cost is to have you take pre-wedding pictures for us. Please also advise what the package includes. Thanks ahead for your help!

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      I’m really in love in Prague. After Your photos even more.
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      Good job – amazing photos!

      Greetings from Poland :)

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      Очень, очень соскучилась по весне !!! В прошлом году именно в эти дни Прага была похожа на цветущий сад , но весна была ранняя. Как сейчас? Смотрю прогноз погоды на следующую неделю – будет пасмурно.

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      На холме много деревьев, которые цветут весной, поэтому сходите туда. У чехов есть традиция 1 мая целоваться под цветущей черешней на Петршинском холме, иначе женщина может засохнуть без любви. Отличная весенняя традиция!

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