Couple Photography Poses: user guide

There is tons of articles for photographers on how to pose a couple for a photo shoot. But it is difficult to find any advice for the couples themselves. Even if your photographer is a super-professional, the photo-shoot result doesn’t depend only on him/her.

Scroll down to see a classy wedding photo shoot in empty city in the morning.

Couple Photography Poses. A little bit about magic…

Why do you think the same photographer, in the same 4 walls of the studio and even with the same lighting scheme, creates such different photos? Well, I’m not talking about beginners who pose couples according to cheat sheets “place the arm here, put the leg here, and turn your nose over there.” We are talking about professionals who have more than one hundred poses kept in their minds. The answer is because with some couples magic happens, but with some it doesn’t. And the percentage of this magic is also different. What is important is your mutual strong energy and attunement with the photographer, when you sound on the same wavelength.

Any photographer will tell you that taking photos of people who are relaxed and are in love with each other, is much more nicer than two columns standing side by side. When the couple is not shy about hugging, fooling around, non-verbally showing their feelings – oooh, this is a balm for the photographer’s soul.

Couples Photography Posing Guide

  • The most important and perhaps the only true advice: guys, please exhale and relax. If the photographer asks you to walk hand in hand, you don’t have to walk as if your feet were rooted to the ground, and sticks were stuck in your hands. Be active. Hug on the go, kiss, chat, snuggle.
    Think back to your next date after your first kiss. Surely, do you remember that glue between you, you’ve barely been able to separate from each other? Let’s try to relive that time again.
  • Don’t freeze. Even if the photographer asked you to stand embracing, you do not need to pretend to be two statues. Continue living, breathing, smiling at each other, swaying slightly, stroking and even lightly tickling.
  • Practice at home. Watch these videos and pay attention at how the couples behave. How they walk, how they hug on the go, how they play with each other, how they are not afraid to be funny. You know, nice photographs are born from those simple scenes. And certainly not from all those Pinterest photos with “poses for a couples photo shoot”.
  • And a few more short videos on how couple photography poses should ideally look. As you can see, this is never about posing at all. This is about the fact that they are happy together, that they’re really enjoying each other’s company. Videos taken from
  • Dear ladies, I know that in most cases you are initiators of photo shoots and that it is you who prepare for the session responsibly. And we have to be thankful to men for agreeing to participate in the photoshoot :) But nevertheless, this article must be given out for study to your partner as well. Let him not think that his role is limited only to the fact that he will appear on the photo session. Watch the video together, feel and live together such moments.
  • Oh yeah, spend a lot of nice quality time together. Put aside the cares and all those things that “cannot be postponed”. Arrange dates for each other, watch an interesting movie, have a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant, recharge with positive emotions before a photo shoot. And not the day before, but have at least a two-week “working on relationship”, and the result will be amazing. And not only in the photos ;)

Wedding Photography Poses for Couples

In conclusion, I want to show you one of such photo shoots with a beautiful couple. We had a delightful walk in the early summer morning. Of course, like all my clients, I told them what to do, how to pose, and where to look. But because they never stopped for a moment and didn’t hesitate to hug and kiss, we got such natural and real photos.

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