Wedding in Chateau Mcely

It was one of the post-COVID weddings that the couple had to postpone three times (oh, Gosh!)  with an interval of a year.

Our today’s heroes live in Canada and guests came to them from different parts of the world. Can you imagine how many airline tickets and everything else had to be changed from year to year? And not only to negotiate with Chateau’s Mcely team, who is organizing the wedding, but also to shift all the suppliers, tickets, hotels and more.

And given that the guys did not have a wedding organizer, I would put  a monument to their patience. Most of my other clients who found themselves in a similar situation, ended up with a simple signing documents at the registry office and having a dinner with loved ones in a restaurant.

Wedding in Mcely

The groom, by the way, is the yacht captain. And together with the bride, or rather the wife, they go on trips. Incredibly romantic, in my opinion.
After all, have a look at the bride’s tattoos and guess where she comes from. Answers can be left in the comments :)

Wedding ceremony in Chateau Mcely

I love intimate weddings like this. I like to catch moments when touched guests secretly wipe their tears. And I forget to exhale when I see the eyes of a mother looking at her adult son standing at the altar. And every time I think what kind of thoughts going through her head. Does she remember him as a two-year-old baby at this moment? Does she remember his teenage challenges? And when parents, looking at their children’s backs, tightly squeeze each other’s hands… Oh, believe me, these are the best moments for which a professional wedding photographer is needed.

Chateau Mcely is a little wedding paradise

Chateau Mcely is one of the best wedding venues in the Czech Republic. Beautiful, cozy, tasty, close to Prague and can accommodate even the most demanding guests. This is a truly unique place that combines the charm of a French castle and the romanticism of the Czech countryside.

I never get tired of repeating that the best option is when the whole wedding takes place in one location. Both in terms of logistics, and enjoying every minute of this unforgettable day. And Mcely is one of those rare venues.

And if you want to have Prague views in the photographs, then you can arrange a separate photo session for you two in a couple of days. As this amazing couple did. Don’t forget to have a look at our Prague’s story.

Wedding video

The clip was taken by the best videography team.

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