Hollywood-like wedding photo shoot in Prague

My brides and grooms have an amazing taste and a sense of beauty. How gorgeous the lady can look when she has a contemporary dress and a modern hair-do. When it’s not too much and just simply perfect! And when the groom doesn’t look like an office clerk, who went out for a lunch break.

I shoot a lot of wedding photo shoots in Prague and not only in a common sense. From the outside, it may seem that this is an advertising shoot for anything: for a wedding dress salon, for a makeup artist and hairdresser, or even for a beginner photographer who is building up a portfolio for himself. But no. Everything is more than real. Real couples, real feelings, and a real wedding, however without ceremony and guests.

Before that, I didn’t fully understand the concept of such shootings, but then it hit me. It’s a brilliant approach! You can combine a honeymoon trip and a photoshoot for you two. Except that you can do whatever you two want without looking back at anyone. And kill two birds with one stone.

Does your mother want her daughter to marry in a princess dress? Or may be you want a stylish and elegant look? And you groom doesn’t want you to be in a white dress at all? No problem! We can make everyone happy!

Pre-wedding photo shoot for an Asian couple

Asian couples solved this issue easily and simply. They arrange overseas pre-wedding photo shoots for themselves. New beautiful locations, a different photographic style and unusual photos, not like all the friends have. You get so much out of this.

I understand that such ideas are unlikely to be accepted in European culture. You know, the groom is not always allowed to see the bride on the wedding day before the ceremony. But what about having a post-wedding photo shoot in Prague?

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