Elegant Pre-wedding in Prague

Here is an example of 6 hours elegant pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague for a lovely couple Peony & Stephen from Hong-Kong. The shooting day was divided into two parts: sunrise and sunset with a break during the mid-day. And I find that this approach is just simply perfect. Do you want to know why?

The main advantage of that is a possibility to shoot with the best light.

The first part happens in the very early morning with the sunrise when almost all the tourists still sleep. So when Prague’s streets just start to be filled with people, we are already done with the first half by that time.

The second part usually happens closely before the sunset time when the golden light is amazingly beautiful. So the couple can have a rest during the mid-day, get some food or even take a nap. Usually the bride and groom also change the outfits during that time.

And in the evening, I again see fresh, happy and rested people which helps us to continue the shooting in the same active way.

Elegant Prague pre-wedding photo shoot.

Simplicity is the key to true elegance. What a bridal look! There is nothing superfluous in it. No crowns or massive jewelry. There is nothing that would divert attention from the lady herself. Natural, but at the same time not pale make-up, laconic hairstyle and a dress that fits perfectly on a sophisticated body shape.

The evening look is not inferior in elegance to the wedding one. Royal blue color, Hollywood wave in the hair and laconic lines. And here is the best look. Neither add nor remove.
The groom’s look is in perfect harmony with the bride, perfectly complementing her simplicity.

And now imagine the same girl in a dress with a an epic train, with a “tower” of hair on her head, a huge bouquet in her hands and with massive earrings and a necklace. Like I wear everything that I managed to buy. And, unfortunately, there are still a lot of such brides. But they are not mine

When I meet such a couple for a pre-wedding photo shoot in Prague, I try to choose the appropriate locations for them. That emphasize their elegant beauty. And the light that would be beneficial to emphasize details, and portraits, and a couple in the city.

I’m truly inspired by my couples.

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      10.06.2019, 19:34

      Hey I am from India . I want to take my prewed/ prewed photo shoot in Prague . Please share with me the location details with price breakup

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