A joyful photoshoot in Prague

What a great pleasure to shoot such an incredible couple – infinitely loving each other, happy, artistic, spreading positive energy around them. I’m often told that there is a marvelous light in my photos. The only secret is that it is not only sunlight but also the inner glow of the people I photograph. The main task of the photographer is to open a shell, in which each of us is hiding, and let this shine to escape. And I’d like to take this opportunity and show you a joyful summer photoshoot in Prague.

Фотосессия в Праге

Photoshoot in Prague – can we have it quick?

From time to time I get requests about quick 10-minutes photoshoots with a result of 5-10 good photos. And those people are very offended when I refuse that kind of shooting. Since it is quite time consuming to answer in detail to everyone why this is not possible, I decided to write a separate article on this issue.

Prague couple photoshoot

Photoshoot in Prague for couple

What happens when an average person, without a rich modeling experience, comes to a professional photographer?

First of all, he/she becomes terribly unsure of himself/herself. He/she does not know how to pose, how to behave, what to say. It is not clear where to put the hands that suddenly became superfluous and clumsy. And what about the legs? This is a total disaster! They suddenly stopped listening and the knees become week. And the face? This is absolutely a tragedy. The number of moments that an inexperienced person tries to control, confuses him.

Besides that, the person’s understanding about best posing techniques are usually quite far from reality. As a result we have all these duck-faces, selfies in mirrors in ridiculous poses and other examples of modern photographic reality. And time and experience are needed to overcome all these challenges.

Prague photographer

Professional photoshoot in Prague

“And do you help with posing?”

During the photoshoot in Prague I find the most winning poses for you, gently and unobtrusively suggest what to do and how to move. Based on my advice and recommendations, after some time you already understand which poses work best for you. And most importantly – what is better not to do. In addition, this knowledge will help you in the future, when you will pose for your family photos. So you won’t ask “what kind of freak is this at my place?” :-)

By the way, there is a great article about posing techniques at my web-site, so I strongly recommend to read it.

Prague photography couple

Professional shoot in Prague

Taking photos in Prague

What it is all about?

And I have not yet touched an inner component of photography. A good portrait is not so much about a successful pose. But first of all, it’s about a real and natural person. Such as his/her friends and relatives know and love him/her. As his/her partner admire her/him. What he/she likes in the mirror reflection.

This cannot be achieved without establishing an emotional connection with the person you are photographing. Therefore, it is so important for us to communicate in the process of shooting, get to know each other. We need to become, if not friends, then very good acquaintances for the time that we spend together. It is impossible to relax in front of somebody whom you don’t know. So the more and earlier you begin to trust your photographer, the better your photos will be.

How much time is needed for a photoshoot in Prague?

My experience shows that the best photographs, those that my clients print in large format and hang on the walls, are obtained after spending same time with me. This does not mean that all the first moments of our acquaintance are a waste of time! You will still look beautiful on those photos, Prague will still be very nice behind you, but genuine and true portraits that you will be proud of will happen later. The tension at the very beginning of the photo session will not allow you to laugh loudly and smile widely. Your fingers won’t be quiet and relaxed in inactivity, but will nervously pick out details of clothing and the environment. And in general a feeling of electrified air will be still there.

That’s why I say NO. No, you can’t get 5-10 good photographs for 15 minutes of photoshoot. I do not create standard touristic photographs and postcards a la “hello mom, I smile stiffly at the camera with the background of Prague Castle.” And therefore be ready to spend two or three hours of your life for creation a good memory.

Prague photoshoot Photoshoot in Prague

How everything works?

In short, it’s easy and funny :)

If you want more details, than please refer this article.

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