Prague Wedding Photographer

Wedding cake will be eaten on the same day and the wedding dress will be collecting dust in the attic for years. The only tangible memory that will stay with you and that you will share with all of your loved ones are your wedding photos. As many of my newlyweds say: “Wedding in Prague – it is a fairy tale come true”. That is why it is so important to entrust capturing this fairy tale to a someone who is close to you in spirit and whose work does not leave you indifferent.

Make sure you see the full series of Prague wedding photos in my blog; plunge into a feeling of fantasy and fairy tale that is easily brought by our magnificent city. With me as your wedding photographer, you will get not just classic framed newlyweds portraits on the wall with the recognizable background of Prague scenery, but you will also get an original and lively story of your family’s birth day.

All the photos are clickable! Open full size, so you won’t see only a part of the photo.

Wedding photographer in Prague

Each couple is unique and I try to show this uniqueness in my photographs, not forgetting the solemnity and the singleness of each moment of your magical day. I want to see each of your Prague wedding photos to be filled with sincerity and tenderness. I want each image to exude warmth and happiness, so when you look at these pictures your faces will lit up with smiles.

It is important that we agree on what should be in your Prague wedding photos. I absolutely do not want you to smile stiffly at the camera, to stand in awkward positions. I also do not want your photographs to differ from one another only by their background. On the contrary, a professional photographer is different from others because she/he makes images, which cannot be taken by your guests. The point is not so much in a picture quality (we all know that digital technology has advanced far forward), but in picture’s meaning. The right light can emphasize the elegance and grace of the bride, unusual perspective will give a fresh look at familiar things, skillfully captured moments will make your eyes filled with tears of happiness again. Whether there are only two of you or there are you and your guests, leave it to your wedding photographer in Prague to do her favorite work, and enjoy yourselves this day, its every unique minute!

Despite the beautiful scenery old Prague, in my works I focus on what’s important on this particular day – on the two of you and your feelings. This does not say that all day long I’m going to shoot your smiles, ignoring the shabby wall behind you, but it also does not mean that we will rash around the city in an attempt to “tick the box” for all locations of the standard guidebooks “Prague in one day.” In your Prague wedding photographs will be you in Prague, not Prague and you.

In conclusion, if still in doubt, I advise you to read the reviews by the people I have been lucky enough to photograph.

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