Pre-wedding photography in Prague FAQ

Since my couples for the most part ask the same questions about pre-wedding photo shoots, I decided to put them in a separate block.

General questions:

  1. At what time of the year is it better to arrange a pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague?

Prague is beautiful at any time of the year, but it’s best to take pictures when it’s warm outside. Depending on your preferences, I would advise you to choose the period from April to the end of October. In the spring trees bloom in the city very beautifully, but it can be slightly cool. Summer is warm with a lot of sunny days, but the tourist season is in full swing, so there is much more people in the streets. In the middle of autumn, the tourist flow becomes not so intensive, it is not so hot in the street and the city gradually begins to get dressed up in autumn mottled colors.

Prague prewedding

  1. Is there any difference what day of the week to choose for a pre-wedding photo shoot in Prague?

I advise you not to choose weekends and public holidays, because in this case there will be much less people in the streets.

  1. What is the best time for a pre-wedding photo shoot?

Early morning at dawn and before sunset.

  1. Shall we need a car for the duration of the photo shoot?

It is desirable, but not necessary. If you have comfortable shoes and you are ready to walk a lot, you can do without transport. If you still decide to take the car, then you need to book a transfer with the driver, since parking in most places where we are going to shoot is prohibited. The cost of transport with the driver is about ~ 20 euros per hour.

Prewedding car Prague

  1. Do we need to take care of transport in case we go out of town to the castles?

Yes. Or I can help you with this by ordering a transfer at the transportation company. The approximate cost of a trip to the Hluboká Castle is 200 euros.

Pre-wedding in a castle

  1. Do we expect any additional expenses?

Only if we make photos in places where you need to pay for an entrance or a photo shoot. As a rule, these are beautiful gardens with a view of the city. The cost is from 20 to 40 euros.

Vrtbovska zahrada prewedding

  1. Should we bring some accessories for a photo shoot with us?

Props for prewedding in Prague
Yes! This will help us to diversify our shooting. As an inspiration, you can refer to my collection on Pinterest. If there are any things important for the two of you, take them with you too.


  1. What should we do in case of rain?

The most ideal variant is to postpone the shooting to another day. Therefore, if possible, try to allocate for a trip to Prague at least 3-5 days.

It happens rarely that it rains cats and dogs all day. Therefore, we either take a break and transfer the shooting to another time, or while it rains, we make photos in a hotel or a cafe.

Pre-wedding in rain

  1. How do I book for a certain date and what is the amount of deposit?

To reserve a date, you need to sign the agreement online and make an advance payment. Usually it’s about 30% of the package cost. You can make an advance payment by bank transfer or by using the PayPal service. The down payment is non-refundable.

  1. How do I pay for a photo shoot?

The whole amount minus the advance payment is paid in cash on the day of shooting. Please take the money with you to the photo shoot, because after the shooting we will not return to your hotel together.

  1. Do you work alone or with an assistant?

Depending on the weather conditions, I will be either alone or with an assistant. Assistant helps me with the photo equipment and during the shooting, when you need something to fix, hold and perform other small orders. My assistant does not help you to carry your things, in case this would be necessity, you need to order an additional assistant.

  1. Do we need to meet on the eve of a photo shoot?

No need. All instructions regarding shooting and posing I will give you on the day of the photo session. All other possible questions can be discussed by correspondence.

  1. Please, tell us where should we stay?

I recommend to choose a hotel or apartment near the Prague Bridge, the main landmarks are the streets of Karlova and Mostecka. If for some reasons you cannot do this, then choose accommodation in the walking distance from the Old Town Square.

Best place to stay in Prague

  1. Do you shoot the video?

No, I deal with photography only. But I can advise excellent teams of videographers who will be happy to make a film for you.

Photoshoot and schedule of the day:

  1. If we choose the Castle-package, does it mean that we will also make photos in Prague? shall we make pictures inside the castle?

Yes, of course. Usually we shoot for 5-6 hours in Prague, and for 2-3 hours in the castle or castles. An example of such a photo shoot you can see here, and also at this link.

Photo shoots inside the castles are not officially permitted and must be agreed with the castle authorities in advance, plus usually such a photo session is worth a lot of money.  Usually shooting on the territory of the castles is quite enough. Photoshoot in the Hluboká Castle is free, in other castles there is a small fee for entering the park.

Best castle in Prague

  1. How many locations will we have time to visit?

A lot of! Regardless of the chosen package, we will move around and take photos almost continuously. Of course, the more shooting hours we have, the more different places we can cover, but even with a minimum package you will have a lot of different photos in interesting locations.

Best prewedding locations

  1. What will be our route?

We will be make photos in the old city, in the most picturesque places of Prague. During the shooting I will also show you a lot of interesting and beautiful corners, about which only the local citizens know. If the shooting takes place in the daytime, then I choose places where there are few people, but which are no less beautiful than the famous Prague sights.

Please, look at the series of separate shootings and make a selection of photos that you especially like, so that I understand in what way you would like to hold a photo shoot. You can also choose photos with places that you would like to see on your pictures.

Best prewedding locations

  1. Can we make photos in this church?

Prewedding church Prague

Unfortunately, not anymore. Since August 2016 the St. Nicholas church has forbidden wedding photo-shoots. Shooting in the cathedral is possible only in case of an official ceremony. Due to religious reasons no other church is possible.

  1. Tell us about the schedule of the day, how does everything happen? Do you come to our hotel?

Early in the morning the stylist comes to your room. Recommendations on how to prepare for his arrival, you can find in a separate block. Bride’s makeup and hair style usually take about two hours. Next, you dress up and go out into the street.

If your hotel is not located within the walking distance from the location, order a taxi for a specific time in the evening. As a rule, we meet with you at dawn, just at the first location and start a photo shoot. Depending on the chosen package, we either shoot for several hours on end, or after a while (usually 3-5 hours) take a break for lunch and rest. At this time, depending on the package chosen, either the stylist comes to your hotel and does his job, or you enjoy free time and relax. Closer to sunset, we again meet in the place of shooting and continue the photo shoot.Best prewedding locations


  1. Do you offer wedding dresses on a rent basis?

No, but I can advise wedding salons where you can do it. In case the girl is “classic” Asian size, then I recommend bringing the dresses with you. Firstly, it will cost you cheaper, and secondly, you will be able to pick up your size (European girls are bigger and taller, so dresses for them are sewn appropriately). Thirdly, you will have more time to choose the right style and you will not need to spend the long-awaited vacation in the wedding salons instead of walking around the beautiful city.

  1. What dresses will you recommend for a pre-wedding photo shoot in Prague?

Pre-wedding gowns

Any dresses, that accentuate your good point and hide the weaknesses.

If you have heavy hands, it is better to refrain from dresses that are held on the chest due to the corset and choose the styles where the shoulders and arms to the elbow will be covered.

For plump and rounded girls, I do not recommend lush dresses, especially with extra decor, as these dresses will only add extra pounds to you.

The most important condition is that you must feel comfortable in your dress, and not only while standing, but also while moving quite intensively.

Make sure that you can walk freely in the dress, without holding it with your hands or stepping on the hem. The optimum length is from 2 to 4 centimeters from the floor. All my photo shoots are going on in motion, so do not think that you will beautifully pose in the pre-set position. No! You will move: walk, run, spin. And the longer and heavier is your dress, the more boring will be your photos.

Also, I do not recommend dresses with a long train. In fact, in 5 minutes after you come out into the street, it will in the best case be grey, and in the worst case – dirty.

And the last, the most important thing. You invest so much money for that photo-shoot, therefore don’t spoil everything with the way how you will look. Because your looks is the only thing that can’t be changed and fixed. Instead of bringing three cheap rented wedding dresses, that look very “second-handy”, bring one. But that one should look amazing on you!

Here is my Pinterest board to illustrate what dresses are the best for pre-wedding photo-shoots.


  1. What kind of veil would you advise? Do the bride need to bring some accessories?

Long, ideally not less than 2 meters and it should be at least 1.5 meters wide. It must be without lace and attached on the crest, so that it can be easily put on and removed. Please don’t forget to iron the veil on the eve of the photo session. The tumbled lump of cloth looks very untidy in the photographs.

Prewedding accessories

I’ve done another inspiration board for you with the bridal accessories that are more than welcomed.

I won’t stop repeating: the way how you look is THE MOST IMPORTANT.


  1. What color dresses would you recommend?

Any that suits you. Try to refrain from red and black, because the first color attracts too much attention and the red dress in the photo becomes the brightest object, distracting attention from the two of you. Black dress turns on the photo into one continuous dark mass without any details. An exception may be simple tight fitting elegant black dresses that favorably set off the beautiful inflections of the female body.

Best prewedding dress

  1. What kind of shoes would a bride put on?

Shoes should be comfortable and either completely without a heel, or on a very stable thick heel. If you really want, you can take your high-heeled shoes, but they will only be needed for several shots. Therefore, it is better to spend time searching for a comfortable and beautiful looking shoes of the appropriate shade. Please, believe me, pink sneakers or black street shoes, look very bad on the photos in combination with a wedding dress. And as I have mentioned above, the photo shoot would be going on dynamically and in the motion, so it is not always possible to cover your inappropriate shoes.

Please see the pictures from point 22d to get more idea.

  1. What kind of suit would you advise for the groom?

Anyone, in which he feels comfortable. Any combinations of beige, blue, gray, look great. The fabric on the suit should be matte, glossy looks cheap. Black matte suit with white shirt and black blow-tie is the best option. And again the Pinterest illustration.

  1. We would like to change the bridal wear in the process of photo shoot. How can we do that?

Prewedding casual outfit

There are several options. I describe them in the descending order of priorities.

1) You book a hotel in the old town, ideally close to the Charles Bridge, and then we can return to your hotel where you can change.

2) You may book a car with a driver for the time of the photo session, which will wait for us and carry us from one location to another and in which you will leave your clothes.

3) You need to agree in advance with administration of the hotels, which are on the route of our photo shoot and leave your outfits there on the eve of the photo shoot (small tip in this case is very desirable).

4) You may take the dresses with you in a suitcase and change into the restroom of the restaurant on the way of our route. This option is the most budgetary, but also the most inconvenient. Your dress will be crumpled, the groom will have to carry a suitcase over the Prague pavement (this is very difficult to do and often he will have to carry it in his hands) and changing clothes in public toilets is problematic some times.

Casual prewedding outfit

  1. How many outfits would you recommend for a photo shoot?

It depends on the number of hours of shooting. On average, I advise one outfit for every 3-4 hours. And it would be great, if apart from wedding and evening dresses, you will choose at least one for everyday life.

But please remember that the time spent on changing outfits is included in the shooting hours. And it is up to you – whether you want to spend it on a photo shoot or on changing clothes.

More information on what I recommend to wear you can find here.


  1. I have thick hands / crooked legs / short neck / wide face and so on. Can you fix this using Photoshop?

Correction of “shortcomings” (often these features are considered disadvantages only by you and none of the others) is not included in the basic cost of packages and can be ordered additionally. The cost is negotiated individually and depends on the amount of work.

In most cases, all these minor trifles are easily corrected by properly selected clothing, haircut, hair dress and make-up.

  1. How and when will we receive the photos?

The post-processing time is up to 2 months from the day of the photo shoot. You will get your photos by means of a link to the zip-archive. I do my best to provide the photos earlier, usually my clients get them in less than 1 month.

  1. How many photos shall we get? Will they be processed?

The number of photos depends on the selected package, but I guarantee at least 50 pictures for each full shooting hour. This means that if half an hour or an hour has been spent on changing outfits, then, perhaps, you will get a little less photos.

Post-production will be applied on every photo delivered. The concept of processing includes framing, bringing of pictures to a single color scale, light correction and basic retouching of large portraits. You will get a mix of colored and black&white (not more than 5%) photographs.

Basic editing doesn’t include removing people from an image, compositing several images together, or cleaning the background. This can be done at extra fee.

Best prewedding locations

  1. What is the maximum size of photos? Can we print them on a poster?

You can. The size of the photos is ~ 6750 px on the long side, the resolution is 300 dpi. Some pictures may be smaller due to the framing.

  1. Can we get ALL photos?

Yes, at an extra charge.

Photos in RAW format can be also bought after receiving the completed JPEG. The cost is 30% of the cost of shooting.

Prewedding poster photo

Make-up and hair style:

Asian prewedding makeup

  1. The Asian face has its own nuances and therefore the make-up should be different from that for Europeans. Does your stylist have experience with such faces?

Sure! Not one hundred brides with an Asian type of appearance passed through the hands of my stylists and at the moment they are among the most experienced stylists in Prague. Please, write to me, and I will send you a link to their portfolio so that you can see it yourself.

  1. Do you recommend doing makeup for the groom?

For sure! Smooth face and clean-cut hair style have never been undue for anyone. However, masculine the bride might look, and if he thinks that make-up is a privilege of women, it is necessary to apply a tint to the face and fix hair. The magic hands of my stylists are at your service. And for sure warn the stylists in advance (!) that you plan to put the groom in order too, so they would plan their time in a proper manner.

  1. I have some comments regarding make-up and hairstyle. May I explain them to you?

Of course, and it is even necessary. But not to me, but to the stylist. You can prepare photos in your dresses and style options that you think fit you and discuss it with the stylist in person.

Be sure to follow advice of a professional. If it seems to you that the make-up is too bright or the tone is too dense, then take into account the fact that it is necessary for the photographs. Makeup for everyday life and for a photo shoot are completely different things and therefore it may seem unusual to you. Especially if in life you have a naturally looking make-up, or you do not use any make-up at all.

  1. Does your stylist have false eyelashes and eyelid sticker tapes?

Yes, there are eyelashes and they can be bought separately, it is better to bring your own eyelid sticker tapes, because it is a rare thing to buy in Europe.

Asian MUA artist in Prague

  1. How to get prepared for make-up and hairstyle?

Asian MUA in Prague

Put your eyebrows in order beforehand (a few days before the planned shooting). Extra hairs should be plucked and the eyebrows should be shaped.

All unwanted facial hair (mustache, small hair on temples) should be eliminated.

Some days before start to moisturize the skin very well, apply a moisturizing mask on the night before. Don’t forget about the groom also please. Take a proper care about his skin and lips, even the slightest exfoliation will look badly at the photos.

  1. Is it possible to make a trial make-up and hairstyle?

Of course, at extra charge.

Pre-photo-shoot checklist

  1. Do we need to meet a stylist?

Yes, of course. Please, warn your hotel personnel in advance that you expect guests very early in the morning. If there is no one at the hotel at night, you will need to go down at the agreed hour and meet the stylist in the lobby or at the entrance of the hotel, if the central entrance is closed for the night. If the reception is working all night, then it is enough to inform us the room number and to notify the hotel staff.

  1. What should we do on the eve of the photo shoot?

On the eve of the photo session, wash and dry your hair without using hair stylers.

The day before get out of the suitcases and put in a prominent place all the accessories and jewelry that you would like to use or wear.

  1. What should we do on the shooting day?

Before arrival of the stylist, wash and brush your teeth, do not apply any cream, the skin should be clean.

In advance, please set the table free so that the stylist has enough place to lay out his things.

Please don’t forget about the breakfast, and have your breakfast either before arrival of the stylist, or after his departure. Please do not chew while doing make-up.

Before arrival of the stylist put in contact lenses if you wear them.

If you are going to take shower in the morning, it should be done BEFORE make-up starts.

In case the makeup begins very early, the groom does not have to get up together with the bride. He can sleep for an hour and a half longer :)

Meet the stylist downstairs at the agreed time.

Prepare ~300CZK for the stylist’s taxi (needed only in early mornings, when public transport doesn’t operate).

Book a taxi/Uber in advance. There is an option to call the car for a specified hour.

Be on time! If you are late, inform your photographer beforehand. Anyway I always leave enough time for you to get ready, therefore all the late comings are included in the shooting hours.

Don’t take anything that you won’t need during the photoshoot (no passports, both phones, photo cameras, etc.). But bring water and may be some snacks. Bring some Czech pocket money as well.

DON’T wash your hair&face for the second style.

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