Prague photo-shoot.

Love Story photo-shoot is a series of photographs that tell us about tender feelings and emotions of two people in love. It is a love story, told with the help of touching and expressive pictures. Photo-shoot in Prague can be a pre-wedding shooting, which is usually done a few days before the wedding. It can also be a magnificent gift to a significant other on St. Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary or it can simply preserve your memories of a wonderful trip to Prague or to any other city or location.

Below are some sample photo-shoots of Love Story in Prague. Please, also check out the full photo-shoots series in my blog.

All the photos are clickable! Open full size, so you won’t see only a part of the photo.

Photoshoots for couples in love.

Shooting Engagement sessions in Prague – is not only a wonderful future newlyweds pictures taken in a relaxed atmosphere and unusual places. It is also a great way to meet with the photographer, to get used to his/her style and establish the mutual connection, not just creative, but also personal.

The biggest thumb up for photo-shoots in Prague is, of course, the rich choice of time and places. There neither a photographer nor a couple have any restrictions in force on the wedding day (the time of marriage registration, the wedding dress, guests etc.).

Lively and positive photos taken in a relaxed atmosphere will harmoniously complement your wedding album. They will tell the history before your wedding, will show the priceless moments of your happiness. Those moments can be relived by you over and over again while looking through the album. A Love Story in Prague photo-shoot – is the story of your love, not the one that is told aloud, but the one that is illustrated by romantic photos.

As for travelers, as it’s a great opportunity for them to save and to take with themselves the best memories of the trip. It is quite another thing to trust a person who has long lived in this wonderful place and loves this city with all her/his heart or to take turns and make pictures of one another with the iPhone on a beaten tourist path to all the attractions mentioned in every guidebook.

To book a Love Story Photo-shoot, you can contact me via any way mentioned in Contacts and together we will write the history of your love with the ancient city in it.

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