Reviews on Wedding Photographer In Prague.

My dear beloved clients, I am so grateful for your warm and encouraging words, for the time you have spent writing your reviews, and for impressions you have shared. Your opinion is really important for me and my future clients, so feel free to share your experience. It should not be only praises of my work, I would be happy to hear and to follow some sound criticism.

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Prague Wedding Photographer Reviews and Testimonials.

Wedding photographer in Prague review Valentina & Denis

A Review that Cannot Achieve to Express Everyting.

Before we found Evgeniya, we have reviewed a lot of works of different photographers. Browsing pages of web portals, we concluded: “too much Photoshop”, and sometimes: “gloomy, dim, staged, tasteless”. When we saw Evgeniya’s works, we unanimously decided that it was “perfect!”. And this was such an unfaltering statement that we leargned about the section with reviews of the Prague photographer’s work only after the wedding: we didn’t need any proofs. Looking through Evgeniya’s detailed wedding photoreports and separate photos, we got lost in admiration of many pictures, looked at them again and again thinking that it had been a piece of luck for the photographer: such lively couples, such a breathtaking light, such cute details and such elegant breeds without a bundle of usual frippery on them. We wanted so much to have our pictures taken in the same way: with a great sense of proportion, full of taste and tenderness. Somehow, it seemed to be an unachievable ideal. But at the same time we had an impression that it all was not just a photographer’s luck and may be not the charm of the couples, but Evgeniya’s tremendous talent, experience and, I dare say, perfectionism. When we just started our way home, we had already received our photographs — not only a couple as we expected, but more than twenty. Do we need to say that they were sunny, unordinary, and just awesome?!!! And then we heard such a lot of pleasant words and enthusiastic reviews from our relatives, friends, from people whom we merely knew and even from people whom we didn’t know at all. It emerged that not only we found these photographs congenial in mood and esthetics, still further: they leave no one indifferent. We expected much from these photos, but we received even more. Thank you for this incredible light, velvet retouch, sublime compositional cohesiveness, and a special THANK YOU for being with us on that day.

Prague photographer feedbackIrina & Maxim

Evgeniya, thanks a million for the pictures taken by you, they are magnificent! Each and all! They are too beautiful for words. Your photographs are a great source of joy for us two: we thumb them through in the morning, during the day and in the evening several times! You are a wonderful photographer. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a very pleasant photo shoot and for your true professionalism! Very well done indeed! Good luck in all that comes your way in the future!

Prague photographer feedbackMaria & Michael

It is difficult to write a good review about Evgeniya’s work. Only a rave one!
To make our waiting for the photos less tantalizing, Evgeniya sent us a couple of photos, special thanks for this!!!
The photos were amazing, I hung up while looking through them, taking a good look at every detail. And I have been waiting for the rest in a fever of impatience. And here comes the moment: you re-experience that day, and in the pictures you see all these emotions, eyes, sun, atmosphere… The photos convey the mood of the day so fairly, and—despite staging—we look so lively! Unbelievable work with lighting, all the photographs are masterpieces.
And we would like to thank you a lot for your work, for your talent, for your really great personality, your charisma and your help during the wedding day. And thank you for us — so beautiful and happy in the photographs — and for the captured moments, for our parents’, relatives’ and friends’ eyes sparkling from happiness. Thank you for that beauty!!!

Alice & VladimirItalian photographer feedback

With all our souls we thank you for the happiness you gave us — we could be only dreaming about all the beauty, romance, and featheriness of this long-awaited fantastic day being captured by an incredibly talented girl into amazing photographs, infused with tenderness, elegance and uniqueness! Our dream came true — Evgeniya masterfully got the feel of relationship, excitement and palpitation of our couple…! But had the choice been even a bit difficult? There would be no point in asking questions, just have a look at Evgeniya’s portfolio, dip yourself in the world of beauty and harmony, and you will be seized with a keen desire to touch a fairytale! With admiration and the sincerest feelings, Alice and Vladimir.

Yulia & ArtemEvgeniya Ovsyannikova review

Dear Evgeniya, we would like to thank you for the great job you did!!! You succeeded in a mission impossible: to stir up the most static couple in the world :))) The photo shooting passed in a very easy way and we didn’t feel like we were posing for purpose..there was nothing like our usual stiffness. And it’s very important! We were just walking and enjoying surroundings and each other, and you were capturing the most interesting moments. You are a true photofairy :) The photographs turned out to be warm, bright, and creative! We can’t believe up to now: how such a PLENTY of wonderful ideas and thoughts can fit in such a small and fragile girl))
In a word, we are insanely happy that it were you who photographed this wonderful day! We are going to keep these photos as a lasting memory and to show them to our kids and grandkids :)
Nice doing!! :)

Prague phorographer feedback

Elena & Dmitry

Dear Evgeniya, we would like to thank you for marvelous photographs and splendid atmosphere! We have received not only some photographs of superb artistry, but also a pleasant and easy communication during our photo session in Prague. We had a lot of fun, and what more does one need on a wedding day? Thank you!!! Work with such a photographer is a pure delight!

Prague phorographer feedback

Margarita & Nikita

Evgeniya helped us to make the most important day for our family indeed the most unforgettable, the most cheerful and the happiest one! With her professionalism, positivity and charm, she turned a photo session into an engrossing and pleasant pastime! 5 hours of photo shooting (in a 30 degrees heat) flashed by like 20 minutes! All photographs we have got are very beautiful, stylish and immensely tender!


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