Evgeniya Ovsyannikova photographer
Hello and welcome! My name is Evgeniya, or you can call me Jenny. I’ve been living in Prague for more than 10 years and half of it is devoted to my dream job.

  • I am fascinated with photography once and for all. Forever And Ever.
  • My pictures bring up only smiles and happiness.
  • I fall in love with every couple I work with and live their emotions as my own.
  • I take photographs in such way so that many years later, when you take out the album, you will experience again and again all those moments that you felt on your day.
  • I do not do any “creative photography”, my photos are simple and understandable. They are for you. And about you. They will be always actual. And both – your grandmothers, and, most importantly, your children will like them.
  • I do not burden you with the tedious and boring staging, giving you live your life, breathe and enjoy each other’s company. After all, this is your day!
  • I can arrive, take a boat or fly out to every corner of the world.
  • The best talking on my behalf do my work and my clients.

Oh yeah … I’m so happy that it’s me who will be shooting You :-)

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