Wedding Photographer In Prague

Photos with Soul. I capture emotions and happiness.


Prague wedding photographer

Sincere smiles, vibrant colors, beautiful light, genuine emotions, unforced posing, ease and naturalness – these are the core components of my shooting style.


Prague wedding photographer

“Lively people in vivid photos” – that’s my motto! Please, have a look how your photo session can be held. It will be easy and funny, I promise.


Evgeniya, thanks a million for the pictures taken by you, they are magnificent! Each and all! They are too beautiful for words. Your photographs are a great source of joy for us two: we thumb them through in the morning, during the day and in the evening several times! You are a wonderful photographer. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a very pleasant photo shoot and for your true professionalism!

Irina and Maxim

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  • Photoshoot in Prague

    Are you planning a wedding in Czech Republic? Or maybe you have chosen this wonderful country for your honeymoon? Or maybe you wish to keep your memories about your holiday in this beautiful capital of Czechia? This is why you have been looking for a photographer who could capture those glorious moments, so you could take away with you the little bits of your own Prague.
    If so – you are in the right place! Here you meet professionalism, passion for the craft and a wish to capture you, so happy, so sincere and so full of love to each other and to this fairytale city.
    Wonderful memories, colorful and lively pictures in which you are real people, not posing models in uncomfortable positions, – it is all real and it is here.

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    Prague wedding photography

  • Prague Wedding Photographer

    Wedding photos — are not just “pictures” with friends, but images that can transfuse all the thrill and joy of this wonderful day. I believe that the value of wedding photos acquires its full scale in a couple of decades, when your children are old enough to take an interest in what their parents looked like on that distant wedding day, how happy and how much in love they were, how they looked at each other.
    That is why wedding photography in Prague for me is not just “the magazine” posing against the chic and classic views of Prague or “kisses” that differ from one another only by a change of scenery.
    The task of a wedding photographer in Prague is, primarily, to convey your emotions, to see and to discover the uniqueness of your couple, not to miss the very look of love and tenderness that you give each other.

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  • Finding YOUR Wedding Photographer

    When you choose a photographer, you should rely not only on his best portfolio, but also on more complete series of different photo sessions. Only this is the way you can be sure that the result will correspond to your expectations.

    While choosing a wedding photographer in Prague, listen to what feelings are brought in you by her/his pictures. Would you wish to have something like that in your own wedding album? It’s not a big deal to choose one or two best photos from a photoshoot; but not everyone can make a good diverse story in one shooting. And, of course, communication with YOUR photographer should be easy and comfortable – this means a solid NO to stiffness and tension!

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    Prague photographer prices

  • Services and Prices

    Although the price should not be a priority factor, but as they say, the price matters. The cost of Prague photographer service is made up by many factors – how experienced is the photographer that defines her/his professionalism; high cost of equipment; also a big amount of money that every self-respecting photographer spends on his/her professional training and development. Based on the above, here follows the logical conclusion – a true professional could not be cheap.
    Think about just how important to you is the memory about one of the best days of your life. Will you go to a professional who will definitely capture the most important and significant moments of your Day, or are you willing to take a risk? Gucci slogan goes as follows: “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” Think about what price you are willing to pay for the services of a photographer based on “memory for a lifetime” criteria.

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    Prague photoshoot

  • Tips for Planning a Photo Shoot

    With a probability of 98%, this is the first photo shoot in your life. If not, then you belong to those rare 2%, who has the second or third one. Anyway, excitement, uncertainty and a lot of questions are quite predictable. For 6 years of my professional career, I did more than 500 photo shoots, so I would like to share my experience with you.

    Devote a little time to studying the tips about how to better prepare for a photo session, what you should expect, why there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of and how everything goes on in general. A corresponding FAQ section will give answers even to questions that are not yet fully formed in your head. And a part with tips and tricks will definitely help to sort it out.

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    Prague photographer prices

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